Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perkins Park July 16-17

Another great weekend camping!  Was kind of quiet...and hottttt!  I'm off to D.C. this weekend to see friends...then back to camping for 10 days!  Yayyyy!!!

Mom...riding the Cowgirl Cruiser!

My big ol' glamper...'63 Pathfinder

Mom's '62 Shasta!

Mom & Dad's cute camping sign!

Miss Abigail taking a 'lil camper break!


Katmom said...

Ummm, hello! interior pics of the Pathfinder...plz.... :>)

Your Mom & Dad's 'sign' is adorable...
and as for miss abigail,,,so sweet.

Sally said...

Hi Gracie...I promise to post lots of pics
week after next...I'm on vacation and camping for 10 days! My Aloha swap partner sent me some extra cute things for my glamper too!!! ((((hug)))